in a developing city

Unlock your talents and become the best monopoliest on the planet!

26 varrious buildings

and over 24 options for their improvement

A large number of buildings and the game alternatives give you the opportunity of countless number of strategies. Gain the experience and find the quickest way to beat the opponents and to become the best in the high score list. Buy, sell, do everything for a brilliant victory.

buzzing city

the develops together with players

During the game the city will change right in front of your eyes, turning from a small village into a modern metropolis. Additional elements will create an unforgettable atmosphere, which will promote long-term and casual game.


Dear players (Feb 16 2018)

We are preparing something interesting. Stay in touch to get newest updates.

About the game

Become engrossed in the world of big business, feel yourself as a capitalist. Develop yourself to become the richest in the city!

Before you is reincarnation of the board game, which has received huge popularity in the twentieth century in many countries around the world, and till the present day it remains a bestseller in the genre of board games.

Capitalist is a classic monopoly with realistic playing field, and faster process.

The goal of the game is to achieve the bankruptcy of other players with rational usage of start-up capital.

Mechanics of the game was changed to a more rapid and exciting game. The game in Capitalist takes 30-40 minutes instead of 3-4 hours in the board version.

Dear players, we are glad to announce that the highly anticipated game Capitalist has been released. Currently «Capitalist» is spread as free to play model, and is already available for downloading.

Right in front of your eyes the playing field is transformed, changing from a small village into a huge metropolis with lots of buildings and its own infrastructure.

The game has a system of sale and renovation of the buildings, which further extends the capabilities of the players and forces to think through each step before.

Manage to download until it is free of charge!

The adventeges of the game:

  • - 26 buildings and more than 24 options for improving them.

  • - The city, which develops with the players.

  • - Several variants of difficulty settings AI.

  • - Intuitive clear operation.

  • - Mast-have game for the home collection.

  • - High score GameCenter.

In the near future update:

  • - Russian language supports

  • - network game with friends through GameCenter

Manage to download until it is free of charge!